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From validating, calculating & monitoring your projects to previewing verified Irish nature-based projects, we have what you need. We are Ireland’s all-in-one carbon management platform and service.

Learn how Origin Xero helps carbon suppliers and buyers


Your partner & platform for market access and carbon removal project support

Origin Xero connects you with leading carbon removal buyers through an extensive set of marketplace offerings.

Connect directly with carbon removal credit buyers and realise new incomes & revenue potential. Our team handles the marketing and negotiation process on your behalf, ensuring maximum efficiency and success for your carbon removal efforts

We make authentic climate action accessible, simple and transparent.

How It Work For Suppliers

On-Boarding & Validation
Project Setup & MRV + Reporting
Validation & Verification
Market Access
From initial consultation & on-boarding, to navigating certification requirements, we provide farmers & landowners with comprehensive support to ensure the projects succeed. We assess each project's unique characteristics and requirements to create a customised proposal.
Our extensive processes will provide data & an actionable report to ensure accuracy and reliability of the carbon measurement process. We demonstrate additionality to aid due diligence and enhance efficiency in the creation of high-quality carbon removal credits.
The project is vetted by a third-party U.N. approved auditor. Our certified standards & methodologies ensures the highest quality and integrity for verified carbon credits.We arrange the ongoing checks to monitor the project’s standards and to ensure the ongoing impact and quality of your carbon credits.
Seamless market access to a global network of buyers. Build trust, traceability, and transparency. Enrol your project with our marketplace to access a premium carbon price for monitored high quality credits. We provide key metrics, maps, and visuals that set you apart and encourages stakeholders to engage with confidence. As your partner we provide ongoing support & advice to maximise your benefits.

We work with Ireland’s premier foresters at The Forestry Company. Established in 2009, they have over 30 years of experience to help plant, manage and expand your forest. They keep your assets healthy and valuable.

Maximize the Impact of Your Carbon Removal Efforts With Origin Xero Today. We will guide you through the full certification process.

Our partnership commitment to quality, transparency, and convenience, provides a reliable experience at each stage, from enrolling your carbon project to selling high-quality carbon credits.

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