Your pioneering Irish partnership to achieving net zero

From validating, calculating & monitoring your projects to previewing verified Irish nature-based projects, we have what you need. We are Ireland’s all-in-one carbon management platform and service.

The carbon removal enterprise to accelerate your climate journey

Climate-conscious leaders use Origin Xero to find and secure a portfolio of impactful carbon removal credits, achieving their sustainability goals with confidence and efficiency

Empower your sustainability journey with certified carbon compensation plans

Innovative Technology

We combine ground level data collection & satellite driven MRV+ data & AI modelling, to provide highly accurate measurements and reports. Our network of partners are revolutionising & modernising the voluntary carbon market with cost effective & scalable solutions

High Quality Marketplace

With exclusive access to high quality carbon removal credits, Origin Xero offers an unparalleled level of transparency & reporting, enabling you to take immediate & direct climate positive action.

Independent Verification

Our projects are 3rd vetted by a U.N. accredited audit body, ensuring a rigorous verification process to the methodologies & standards. Your funds directly contribute to Irish nature.

Monitor & Reporting Dashboard

Clients have their own dashboard to showcase and monitor your projects. It’s easy to report and share your climate impact journey with stakeholders, customers, & clients.

Unlock Nature, Generate New Outcomes

Landowners & forestry developers can enroll land, for validation & verification to gain a climate-positive income from the carbon market. Our technology evaluates, measures, and monitors your high-quality carbon credits to maximise returns & value.

Unlock Sustainable Solutions

Discover how Origin Xero can empower your business with sustainable solutions. Start your journey towards a greener future today.

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