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The certified platform to make carbon offsetting accessible, simple, & trustworthy. Connecting buyers to suppliers of authentic nature-based projects.

Our Partners

Ireland's first certified carbon management enterprise

We connect landowners directly to the voluntary carbon market, shrinking the carbon supply chain and providing new sources of income from forests, peatlands & other nature-based solutions

Empowering Businesses To Start The Journey To Net-Zero With Confidence

Our platform provides the full network between supply and demand to accelerate critical action.

Our selections of solutions supports your sustainability goals by taking quantifiable & positive action

Integrity & transparency are intrinsic values that drive our climate action & positive impact.

Our projects are independently certified & fully traceable to ensure investments go directly to high-quality credits.

Our Solutions To Meet Your Needs

Enterprise & SME's

Partnership for measurable climate impact

Combine your sustainability mindset & budget with our natural assets & advanced technologies to generate economic, environmental and social value

Landowners & Forest Developers

Transform the carbon value of your land

A platform to measure, validate, report and manage nature based portfolios. Generate reliable data and a passive income while supporting Ireland's natural environment


Make Your Impact Count

Take action towards a sustainable future by compensating and contributing to Irish nature

5 Simple Steps

Calculation & Consultation

Select a project

Build portfolio basket

Choose plan & pay

Receive attestation

How nature-based solutions can restore & positively impact our future

Carbon Footprint

On average Ireland produces 12.3 tonnes per capita versus 7.8 tonnes for EU27 average

Woodland Cover

Irish forest cover is 11.6% versus an EU average of 39%

New Forest Land

Allocated 8,000 hectares of new land per year for new forest planting

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